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Vectren Energy Safety Game

9/29/09 by FleckoGold
Updated 9/29/09

Hey Newgrounds!

So it seems that the game I had been hired to work on by my school for the Vectren Gas & Electric company has finally been released. Me, a couple of other students, and a select few professors had been picked up to work on this safety enforcing kids game. We've been working on it since the beginning of this year. I was given the job of lead animator, so any animation you see would have most likely been done by me. ^_^

Energy Safe

One game focuses around gas safety, the other focuses around electric safety.

Check it out. Enjoy.



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first, congrats for that new game of yours,
and second, (im sure you have heard this question thousands of thime but im a new fan) will there be a second part of Aladdin 3150?

Yeah, the game play is a little boring. Art work is cool though, although if you take off Therms arms and legs, he looks kinda like a blue Sperm..... Sperm, Therm? I wonder if the shape of a sperm is related to the design of Therm. XD

P.S. love your work.

2/12/10 FleckoGold responds:

Hah! That's some funny stuff. I think you might be on to something there :P




The art in both is good, the gameplay is...... kinda sucky. But thats not your mistake!!!!



Excellent job, congrats :P

haha excellent I love your art and animation. some of the games were pretty busted though, Luckily I had some hardcore drum and bass on while playing them.

9/29/09 FleckoGold responds:

They are still working out some of the bugs. Poor professors have been beating their heads in. Thanks though!