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So I make this piece of work yesterday, and decide to post it on reddit's /art page. It does GREAT with 43 upvotes in an hour. Then some douchebag moderator had to spoil the fun cuz they felt it violated their holy rule #6: iu_96626_1394882.jpg

Frustrated from being cockblocked, naturally, and inclined to my predisposition as an artist, I posted the above screenshot to their page to start raising awareness to the issue...iu_96627_1394882.jpg

This resulted in a 2 week ban, but it also afforded me to plead my case to the moderators on a specific forum. I was firm in my convictions:iu_96628_1394882.jpg

And that resulted poorly, with a 72 hour ban from messaging the mods.

The fallout from this gets even more fucked up, when I get banned from two other discord servers because of mods there deleting my conversations about this, and me getting pissed at them for deleting my shit.

They'll sit there and tell you that it isn't a big deal, that you're the one being immature, and they will downplay it as a private server privilege. Don't upset anyone, bro; just chill! It's censorship. It's oppression. There are no "public" platforms anymore, if there ever really was anything like that to even exist. When you create a baby-safe atmosphere everywhere, you're gonna end up with grown-ass adult babies (should be clear as day to see by now) and you're effectively dumbing-down your community. The evils that result from censorship are immeasurable. So, no, fuck these censorists; I'm not the one who decided to circumnavigate the rights that our ancestors died for with the click of a button, and a general disdain for people speaking their mind. I'm tired of this bullshit.

Oh yeah, and I won't kill myself either!


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