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I am moved

Really good! I also had to add this one to my playlist!

Powerful symbolism. Good to see more work from you!

Zombie-Pimp responds:

Thanks man! I'm still working on that 10 grand to fund the next TESSONAS

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Very nice!

This is the type of RPG I grew up on. Simple, straight forward, but engaging and fun. Thank you for reminding me what a joy it is and providing me with further inspiration. I'll be coming back to play this game more later!


This game is obviously remarkable in it's gameplay, originality, and artwork. You should well know that. So for all that I salute you. ^_^

...But...I found the random glitches to be QUITE troublesome. There will be times when I'm run-jumping across gaps, and at random times I would lose my balance like I slipped on something. Also when I'm running of the side of something, sometimes it'll freak out and put me to a nose dive into the ground. Then running up the smooth ramps are always risky because it will randomly decide to trip me...And finally wall jumping also seemed dreadful, especially in long usage, cuz, again, at random times it will freak out and cause me to plummet to the ground instead of stick to a wall.

This came in particularly frustrating on the last gold metal I was to get for the normal difficulty at circuit 5 - stage 6. I more or less got the whole level down flawlessly; it just came down to whether or not I was gonna get screwed on the long towers up, which, 9 times out of 10, I was; if not on the first one, then the second one. After about an hour and a half of play this one level, I finally got to the top in a successful manor, at 1:14, and I sh*t you not, I trip at the very tip of the last ramp, tumble past the finish guy, and off the edge of the platform. This is pretty much when I gave up. I'm pissed of course, but it makes for a good story. I'll try again later. But note my strong complaint. I'm sure you're working on it. I enjoyed the game and I'd very much like to continue it.

Otherwise, I could see a pitfall-esk rope obstacle fit in very nicely if you ever decide on a sequel or adding anything to this. Then there's thrown boulders, crumbling platforms, and mini vehicles...but then now I'm just taking stuff from MXC.

Good work!



I really like the game concept behind this. Makes even pressing a single button fun. I give kudos to you.

Needs work on glitches, though. The first time I played, I was getting myself hit on purpose (as soon as I figured out you could level up your fortitude and health that way), and I ended up getting stuck in a state of flickering, making me invincible for the rest of the game. That, by itself, was a fun glitch, so I don't wanna complain :P Just thought you should know.

Great game!

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If you meant this to be a style-parody to SOAD, you would get a passing grade from me. The talent needs a lot more practice, and instruments need to be less synthesized, but it's basically there. The composition was well done, and I felt like it would make a good outro for a mosh pit band. Get more of that drum solo throughout. lol

Vudujin responds:

The yelling bits and the way I write a song I would say borders parody and inspiration. I've got a clean version coming soon. The album as a whole is a homage to their inspiration on my sound and nod to my penchant for writing songs with goofy premises. Thank you so much for the feedback I really appreciate it. :)

Must. Make. GAMES!

ConnorGrail responds:

Thats the spirit! Thanks for stopping in Trever

A lot of inspiration coming from this. There's not enough time in this life to make it all. Maybe I'll come back and haunt Newgrounds with cartoons and games after I decease. I wouldn't mind that at all :D

ConnorGrail responds:

That's what I'm sayin dude. WoOOOOOooooo spooky afterlife artists

And thanks for listening!

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Fun use of color and lighting

I like the use of brightness in color to distinguish between wall and mirror. Nice one!

SacredLotus17 responds:

thanks fleck


Sabtastic responds:

Also a good example for this exercise! Thanks!

Bringing you what I think is entertaining!

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