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Subreddit /art mods attack!!

Posted by FleckoGold - 1 month ago

So I make this piece of work yesterday, and decide to post it on reddit's /art page. It does GREAT with 43 upvotes in an hour. Then some douchebag moderator had to spoil the fun cuz they felt it violated their holy rule #6: iu_96626_1394882.jpg

Frustrated from being cockblocked, naturally, and inclined to my predisposition as an artist, I posted the above screenshot to their page to start raising awareness to the issue...iu_96627_1394882.jpg

This resulted in a 2 week ban, but it also afforded me to plead my case to the moderators on a specific forum. I was firm in my convictions:iu_96628_1394882.jpg

And that resulted poorly, with a 72 hour ban from messaging the mods.

The fallout from this gets even more fucked up, when I get banned from two other discord servers because of mods there deleting my conversations about this, and me getting pissed at them for deleting my shit.

They'll sit there and tell you that it isn't a big deal, that you're the one being immature, and they will downplay it as a private server privilege. Don't upset anyone, bro; just chill! It's censorship. It's oppression. There are no "public" platforms anymore, if there ever really was anything like that to even exist. When you create a baby-safe atmosphere everywhere, you're gonna end up with grown-ass adult babies (should be clear as day to see by now) and you're effectively dumbing-down your community. The evils that result from censorship are immeasurable. So, no, fuck these censorists; I'm not the one who decided to circumnavigate the rights that our ancestors died for with the click of a button, and a general disdain for people speaking their mind. I'm tired of this bullshit.

Oh yeah, and I won't kill myself either!



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Calling yourself oppressed is in general a good way to get people to not like you in any circumstance, especially when it's about something that isn't actually being "oppressed" more than any other group of people. While I don't think the first ban was called for with your art post, you definitely deserved what came after/

It's Reddit man.What did you expect?That site was cucked since the 2010's.All it's left now are a bunch of smoothbrains and badmins sucking each other off.My guess is to always hold this over them and subtly fuck with them from time to time.And also find a better site to advertise yo shit.

Reddit is a shithole filled with power-tripping grease-stains and other vermin. They just got triggered because they can't really differentiate between art and reality and probably thought that you were some kinda snuff artist.

Your wording could have been a little better, but overall I think you've learned an important lesson - Newgrounds > Reddit.

These guys below me said it best. Reddit fucking sucks.

I have a feeling Reddit is very prone to doing stupid things like this. A lot of the moderators are self entitled and will use their opinion as law. It's mostly not a good community, at this point it's just a "get lucky" advertising platform. Even if other people genuinely like your art, if it makes the mods a little pissy it's out of your control. Sorry about that, it's just how Reddit works, and it sucks :/

Yeah Reddit is just another "Safe-Space" trash heap site for the parasites of the world.

Stick with Newgrounds

I don't think it deserved to get you banned, especially for two fucking weeks, but you pleaded your case very poorly. It's more a bad judgement call from the mods than them outright censoring your artwork. I would say it's censorship if they knew who you were and banned you for that, but it's not. In the moderator's eyes, the artwork you posted is "low quality or a meme," which I can sort of see why they would think that, because it's an ahegao face and they think that's a meme or it reminds them of belle delphine or some bullshit, either way, I doubt you meant this as any sort of shitpost which is why I side with you on your initial ban.

I don't think telling mods that you're being censored and oppressed is ever a good idea, they'll just scoff at your remarks, I think anybody would to be honest. I think telling them "I don't see how this is a low quality art and I never meant it to be any sort of meme, why did you choose to ban me? Could it be lowered since I think 2 weeks is too much for a simple misunderstanding" would bring much better discussion. It's never a good idea to be on the attack on mods because power trips are very much real with people and their bias towards you will turn negative and not listen to a single thing you say even if you're right.

This has happened to a buddy of mine I was working with on something here on this very Newgrounds. It was on the forums, we were making a comic where other people can participate and draw comics with us, you can see it here: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1437904/1

When my friend Servur posted his first batch of comics, people enjoyed it and it was all going well, and out of the blue he got banned. We were in disbelief on why that happened, and it apparently was for "racism," when it was the type of humor seen in the Boondocks or GTA San Andreas, hell the dude looked like CJ. Our comic would have ended before we could really start because of what we felt was a bad judgement call from a Newgrounds BBS Moderator, and I think this really fits more the bill of censorship, but in the end it's a judgement call from a mod, and all we can do is plead our case either to him or to somebody higher up.

We pleaded our case and it went all the way to the top, Tom Fulp. He sided with us and unbanned my friend and we merrily continued our comic with little controversy afterwards. I think Newgrounds is a great haven for freedom of expression and I'm glad Tom sided with us, but perhaps even with a solid argument, Reddit mods wouldn't budge because Reddit really does suck as a whole, so I do sympathize with you but I still disagree with your way of pleading your case, even if you feel like your being censored, you should try to tell them why they feel the way they do towards your artwork first to understand why they banned you. Anyways, sorry for the big post, I'm a fan of your work.

First off, holy shit, I've never seen such a long and inspiring speech about the dumpster fire that is reddit mods. Although saying you were "oppressed" was a huge overreaction, and the situation was handled really poorly on your part, it was definitely an unfair removal and a ridiculously long ban. You should have just messaged one of the mods asking if the post could be reinstated, because whether it was reinstated or not, you wouldn't have screwed yourself over and gotten banned. You really shouldn't be surprised, mods have a lot of freedom when it comes to bans, trolling them was a pretty bad idea if you didn't want to get banned. I think doing anything else to get back at the mods would be a mistake, they'll just keep deleting your shit, you'll get banned for a longer period of time, there's nothing you can really do about it. Just drop it and leave it, you can't fight sweaty nerds on the internet, especially redditors. If I were you, I would considering leaving reddit as a whole, most communities suck ass and so do the mods, and posting the art on there won't get as much attention as on other sites.

Basically, just stick to Newgrounds.

"moderating is a thing we do without pay to help the community"

they do it for free
they take their "jobs" very seriously