Entry #7

Vikings of the Interstate Launched!

2017-02-28 20:01:28 by FleckoGold

Howdy, everyone! I hope you get a chance to watch my newest feature, Vikings of the Interstate!

I know it's not perfect, and that we live in a world that consumes perfection on an every day basis, but I hope you can show it mercy for the sake of the concept, and that I did handle all of the artwork on my own. I am very proud of what I just achieved.

One of the difficulties I faced while creating this was that because the amount of time put into production, the style that I started with originally was marginally different from the style I ended with. I tried to minimize this by hopping from scene to scene day by day in random order (I used a d8).

I ended up resorting to 3-d for some of the backgrounds and solid mobile objects (cars). I had to brush up on my Blender knowledge over the summer. The scene in the kitchen went remarkably well, and you can hardly tell the difference between the shots that I hand drew, and the shots that I rendered from Blender. In other areas, like the huge zoom-out of the car rolling into town, I felt I had to settle and let some glaring differences slide, mostly due to my lack of experience on lighting. I was happy with how the buildings came out.

Sound is always much more important than we give it credit for, and I knew it was going to be a challenge here, especially with not having a mind geared towards audio art (not knowing much about it), and the sounds sounding different from one PC to the next. I had the oppurtunity to hear this with a semi-surround sound system, and it sounded spectacular.

A very grateful thank you going to Connor Grail for hooking me up with some rockin' music. Besides his obvious masterful job at syncing his music with the action at the end, he had blindly handed me a copy of the wardrums played within, and it just happened to match up wonderfully with the scout viking's intro. He's a very talented composor, and I encourage everyone to check out some of his other stuff. I still enjoy his metal cover of 'Dayman' up on Youtube, even downloaded it to my own PC's playlist.

Thank you to everyone who has shown the project interest and helped out, particularly through the Twitch community. Thank you to all the fans who I work dilligently to entertain; I hope I spread some sort of happiness.

Take care, everyone, and until next time: Keep creativity alive!1394882_148832986312_VikingFlare.png


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2017-03-01 11:14:18

Great work on this! The 3D elements came together well with the 2D, it's feeling totally pro. Cool to see you up your arsenal with Blender chops, too.

FleckoGold responds:

Thank you, Tom. It means a lot